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Omega Civata

Omega Civata was founded in Istanbul Kartal in 2003. as a result of the 12 machines in an area of 1500 m2, the company has started to operate and has established a new facility of 8000 m2 in Dilovasi, Kocaeli in 2019 and continues its operations.

Omega Civata, which has increased its machine park to 80 units, continues to invest in order to supply customers with faster and higher quality products. Omega Bolt, which has a production capacity of 10,000 tons or 500 million units per year, produces with the cold forming method between M3x6 and M20X200 mm.

Omega Civata aims to become a leading company in the sector with its special product range and quality-oriented production philosophy.

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We Manufacture Fasteners in Sizes M3x6 – M20x200

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omega civata


Omega Bolt A.Sh. by taking an environmentally friendly step, it has signed major investments in acquiring a green factory identity. We have minimized our carbon footprint by supplying the electrical energy we need from renewable energy sources Jul. In this way, we are experiencing the happiness of carrying our responsibilities towards nature to a further dimension.

Considering that reducing the carbon emissions caused by the traditional resources used to a minimum will contribute to the prevention of climate crises, we are also happy to leave a more livable world for future generations.

With the investments we have made in light of our responsibility to the environment and our desire to turn into an environmentally friendly green company, we supply about 700 Megawatts (MW) of electricity annually from renewable energy sources and use green energy at all our consumption points Jul.

This process we are in has been a very important achievement for both our company, our environment and our country. The existence of our future depends only and only on the existence of nature. Without forgetting this fact, we will adhere to the principles of green energy at every stage of our production, ensure that green energy stands out every day, and also support environmentally sustainable policies.