Omega civata adopted customer satisfaction and focused its quality system accordingly. Therefore, we established a laboratory to maintain the quality control system.


Compliance with Standards

In order to meet the product quality requirements, we perform our activities according to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard.


Testing and Analysis

We perform Profile projection, Micro hardness measurements, Macro hardness measurements, Torque measurements, and Thread measurements using gauges and Size measurements.


Quality Control

Our quality control department performs quality control operations from the raw materials to the finished products ready to be delivered in our quality system focused on customer satisfaction and we have a computerized traceability system that defines all the processes and controls of the product.



We issue quality control reports for all products produced in our company and we created a reference that reports the measurement control data and technical specifications of the product to the customer.


Customer Satisfaction

Our objective is to control our products in terms of quality and deliver them to our customers under optimal conditions.

Quality Certificate
ISO-9001-EN-TIFF (1)