Heat Treatment

Heat treatment processes of the products are performed in the fully-automatic furnaces with an atmosphere-controlled band system of our company according to customer requirements and international standards.

Manufacturing Range

Our company continues in its efforts to meet your requirements with different types of press and scrubbing machines trying to use the latest technology to manufacture fasteners (M3x6 ile M16x120)

Product Diversity

Our product range includes standard and special fasteners, such as Bolts, Rivets, Stabs, Pins, Screws, etc.

International Standards

Product qualities vary based on the international standards or customer requirements.


In general; we produce using steel (5.8 – 6.8 – 8.8 – 10.9 – 12.9) and stainless steel (AISI 304 – 316).


Product surfaces are coated with Black , Cr+3 ZN, ZN-Ni, Delta Protekt, Dacromet, Phosphate, etc. before delivery.